Conflict-aversion is my middle name --- so why do I like the movie Fight Club so much? Maybe because it (or more precisely, the novel by Chuck Pahlaniuk that the film is based on) brings so many extraordinary aphorisms to the table. There are pointed critiques of modern consumerism:

... plus get-down-to-earth remarks about living:

... thoughts that resonate (in a hugely exaggerated way) with my jogging experiences:

... off-the-wall anarchistic observations:

... and the #1 favorite, most important and relevant of all:

That's precisely the feeling one achieves, not from bashing another person (which I hope never to do or witness), but rather after a variety of simple, healthy, strenuous, focused, and profoundly satisfying activities --- whether physical or mental.

Every person's path is different, and changes from day to day. For me, right now, a long quiet run through the woods is a prime way to invoke the magic. It attenuates that constant buzz of all the lightweight ephemeral stuff, and creates a chance to relax and attend to important things ...

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