An hour before dawn the sky becomes a crystal sea:
Wind-torn clouds swim through the air like herringbones of light.
Stiff strato-cumulus ripples crest and trough, flow and ebb,
   As they behalo the gibbous moon with a rainbow aureole.

Now suddenly a star emerges, glimmers on the deep,
And soon a second spark joins it and next a third bestirs;
Then a whole school of heaven-fish surface to splash and gleam.
   Shimmering chain-mail-scaled, they writhe among the misty reefs.

"Behold!" I whisper, while my spirit soars above the clouds.
The moon flares cold beside me now, a silver beacon of night.
Its fires bless and cleanse me as I hold my breath and dive—
   Into the infinite ocean of the sky.

(see also TheBrink (3 Apr 2001), ForUs (31 Dec 2002), DayBreak (22 Jan 2004), ...)

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