"You need a favor? Ask a busy person!"
My Mother always said that. Thanks for coming
Here to call on me; I'm all the envy
Of the others when I get your visits.
Nobody ever comes for them. They're old ---
They spend the day asleep in the front lobby.
I'm slowing down, but I still get around.

See that picture of my grand-daughter?
And there, next to it, that's my son when he
Was just a baby. Yes, I sold the house,
Got rid of almost everything. These rooms
Hold all that's left. The management wants me
To move along so they can rent this suite
To someone weak who needs assisted care;
That way they'll make more money. Maybe
Chicago where my son and daughter-in-law live
Would be a place for me to settle down.

But I don't know. Can I give you a drink?
I think that there's some grape juice in the 'fridge.
Just help yourself. If you can take me out
Some time next week to go down to the bank
I'd really like it. Sorry if I repeat
Myself, but as my Mother told me, "Ask
A busy person, when you want a favor!"
And I know that you're busy. My dear friend
Is in her eighties now and she still drives,
But I don't think she's safe, and anyway
She doesn't want to help. And she's not busy.

Now let me find my teeth, and I'll come down
To the main door with you to see you out.
You have to walk home now before sunset?
How far? Two miles! I'm lucky if I can
Make it two hundred feet. I'm slowing down.
They don't want me to help them any more
At the Museum or the Library.
So now I'm starting up a reading group
With some of the old ladies in this house.
(Do you have any books to recommend?)
And thanks again for coming by to see
Me here. You know, you're very nice. Thank you!

Sunday, April 29, 2001 at 18:11:27 (EDT) = 2001-04-29

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