For those who missed seeing it on paper, here's a web version of the Dickerson-Zimmermann 2002 Family Annual Report that Paulette wrote and sent out with our Xmas cards:

In our general family news: This year our loyal little Chevette drove its last mile after twenty years. We got a harpsichord. Merle moved into a student apartment suite in the fall. Gray's rabbit continues to be a source of amusement to us all, with her sweet begging ways.

Mark has been working weirder hours most of this year. He ran the Marine Corps Marathon with his brother Keith (and fifteen thousand other people), and completed the Marathon in the Parks in Montgomery County three weeks later --- Paulette and Gray were there to cheer him at the finish line. Mark now has his own internet domain, http://zhurnaly.com .

Paulette, alas, is still hip deep in stuff although there is somewhat less stuff this year. In fact, there are now five or six places to sit in the living room (depending on who left their coat where). She still teaches mountain dulcimer and works on behalf of libraries.

Merle is not-quite-a-senior at the University of Maryland, College Park campus. He is a Chem major who is the Episcopal organist at the Knollwood Military Officers Retirement Home (formerly Distaff Hall) and is the substitute for the general Protestant services there. Merle's an avid collector, especially of anime, and of books.

Gray continues to play music --- piano, viola da gamba and violin. She went to the Heifetz International Music Camp in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire this past summer and is in three chamber music groups and is a 1st violinist in the Prince George's Symphony Orchestra.

Robin is taking classes at Montgomery College in Rockville --- science, math and music. He takes voice and piano lessons and is one of the leadership group in his Scout troop. He's finished the Life Scout rank and continues to work hard as a scout.

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