For those who might not get to see it on paper, here's a web version of the 2003 Dickerson Zimmermann annual report that we're sending out with our Xmas cards to family and friends:

Robin is doing well at Montgomery College and is preparing to transfer to a university, where he hopes to study civil engineering. He aced the SATs and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout this year. Robin continues to take piano and voice lessons. He tutors fellow students in mathematics and serves as Assistant Scoutmaster in Boy Scout Troop 439, Kensington.

Gray is still studying violin with David Salness. She has won honors in several violin competitions this year including the Frederick Orchestra Young Artist's Competition and the Washington Post Dance and Music Awards. She attended the Musicorda summer music program at Mount Holyoke College. Gray is in two chamber music groups and plays 1st violin in the Prince George's Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Washington Youth Chamber Orchestra. She hopes to study at a music conservatory in 2004.

In our general family news:// Indian movies (from "Bollywood") are the big new craze at home. We have a "new" car, a 1987 Mercury Topaz. It joins the '92 Honda Civic and the '72 Dodge Dart as part of the Gwyndale Drive fleet that we and our neighbors maintain on our block. Gray's rabbit continues to be a source of amusement to us all, with her sweet begging ways.

Merle is finishing his Chemistry undergraduate work at the University of Maryland (College Park) and hopes to continue on to graduate study next year in that field. He continues to play the organ for church services at Knollwood Memorial Chapel. Merle also has more new gadgets than anyone else, and his affinity for electronic machinery keeps him in great demand fixing computers and other equipment.

Paulette continues as Chair this year of the Chevy Chase Library Advisory Committee, and likewise continues her work on behalf of libraries and other public services. She still teaches Appalachian dulcimer but spends most of her time driving people hither and yon and, lately, helping them fill out college application forms and producing the CDs to go along with the music applications.

Mark is long-distance running to help push his weight and blood pressure down. He ran his slowest and most comfortable marathon yet, and has gone over 1,000 miles in his training jogs along Rock Creek, Sligo Creek, and other neighborhood trails. Mark has also added over 300 wiki pages to his web domain http://zhurnal.net/ this year.

(see also DickersonZimmermann2002 for last year's family bulletin, plus individual pages at http://librariesfriend.com/ --- http://www.wam.umd.edu/~merle/New_Website/ --- http://packbat.livejournal.com --- http://zhurnaly.com --- http://www.his.com/~z/ )

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