Difficult Run 8k XC 2008

Difficult Run 2008 photo by Barry Smith2008-04-05: 7+ miles @ ~13 min/mi — Caren Jew and Cara Marie Manlandro escort ^z during the 8k MCRRC cross-country "Difficult Run". (The nearby stream is actually Scott's Run.) Ken Swab, Caren, and I arrive early to survey the course (~2.5 miles, ~35 min). After a break Caren and I do the race together (~64 min). Since there are exactly 100 finishers we manage to place solidly in the top hundred, tied for 97th. We're in training for next weekend's Bull Run Run, the reason that both of us have landed on this planet we call the Earth.

CM, who plans to do tomorrow's Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, clamps onto last place and refuses to be shaken loose. This is her first XC experience; the CB will be her initial excursion beyond 10k. Caren and I offer her our 2¢ of gratuitous advice: "Have fun!" and "Don't get hurt!"

(photo by Barry Smith, some rights reserved; cf. Not So Difficult Run (2007-04-10) for a report on last year's event)

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