Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

Silly poetry, explicit examples, occasional minor anti-Frequentist rants: John K. Kruschke's textbook Doing Bayesian Data Analysis is a useful quick-start to an important set of methods for statistical analysis. Chapter 1 begins with a pep-talk Section 1.1, "Real People Can Read This Book", which gave me a chuckle when it said that the material is not aimed at "... the mythical being who has the previous training of a nuclear physicist and then decided to learn about Bayesian statistics." Hold the phone: I am that "mythical being"!

Kruschke's content is fine, but he had better not quit his day job (he's a professor at Indiana University) to become a bard. The best of his verses, perhaps, is Chapter 7's slightly suggestive:

You furtive posterior: coy distribution,
Alluring, curvaceous, evading solution,
Although I can see what you hint at is ample,
I'll settle for one representative sample.

But maybe you have to be a Bayesian to appreciate it!

(cf. Statistics - A Bayesian Perspective (2010-08-13), Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (2010-11-20), ...) - ^z - 2013-11-02