A few torn scraps of paper resurfaced here recently --- slightly yellowed with age, origin unknown. They are apparently in my handwriting, but I can't for the life of me remember composing them. They depict a strange grid, three across and six down, apparently the layout of underground rooms in a fantasy adventure game. The first page, labeled "Level 1", looks something like:

entrance to caverns gopher tunnel stove, pipe, ming vase, cobra
toenail clippings eternal flame air conditioning duct
confederate bank vault Roosevelt privy, radium, leech wax wall room
volcanic chimney underground gourmet service tunnel
mine shaft troll sewage elfin quiche factory
mohole home computer warehouse, bear, interferon giant refrigerator

... and the next page, "Level 2", consists of:

oven cafeteria of Mammoth Cave behind the giant's bathroom wall, ivory tusks, cockroach
industrial waste, oriental rug, rat hobbit drying room gold room
rabbit hole Dracula coffin ?
curtain room subway station ?
Minuteman silo dragon's lair circular room

... where "?" indicates an unexplored room. There's also a "Level 3" but it's almost all blank --- almost unexplored --- except for a single cell labeled "giant's stove". Lines and arrows indicate the presence of connections between rooms and among levels.

What does it all mean? The bizarre combinations of artifacts don't sound like anything I could have made up by myself. Is this a scenario from some well-known D&D-style game? Help! --- I'm lost in a maze of twisty little passages ...

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Comment 28 Feb 2005^ at 22:42Z

Is it cheating if I just went to google and stuck in elfin quiche?

It pointed me to "Adventures in Four Dimensions".

- rob -

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