Enter from Wherever You Are

From Chapter 12 ("Taking It Home") of Subtle Sound: The Zen Teachings of Maurine Stuart:

... What does it mean to study Zen? We often hear, "Where can I enter the way of Zen? How can I study Zen?" When a student asked this of the Zen master Kyosei, the master asked a question in turn: "What is the noise outside?" "That is the voice of the raindrops," the student said. "Enter from there," Kyosei replied.

Right now, enter from wherever you are. It's all open, an open secret. Enter from listening to the birds. Enter from feeling the sunlight in this room. There are any number of wonderful ways to study Zen. There are lots of books about Zen, and some of them are helpful. Some of them are an impediment. What is most important is how you feel it yourself. How does this transform your life? How deeply are you willing to go into the roots of your Self? How willing are you to really know who you are? Many of us are afraid to do that. We just take the soft, pallid approach: "Oh, this makes me feel good. Ah yes, I feel better now." Sometimes I want to say, "I'm sorry about that." I wish you felt something so deeply that then, eventually, you'd have true peace of mind. Then, no matter what comes, it won't knock you about. ...

^z - 2017-05-01