Faith and Doubt, Openness and Certainty

From Michael Gerson's eulogy in the Washington Post, "Frederick Buechner was a writer tuned in to the frequency of grace" (22 Aug 2022):

"Buechner ... understood that faith and doubt are not opposites but integral parts of the human journey. He knew that openness is ultimately a more important virtue than certainty. He presented, especially in his powerful novels, the mixture of sacred and profane at the heart of humanity, even at the heart of holiness."

(cf Christmas Faith (2000-12-23), Faith to Doubt (2010-03-11), Nothing But Faith in Nothing (2014-09-07), Mantra - Uncertainty, Kindness, Peace, Hope (2017-06-29), Mantra - Doubt (2018-01-14), ...) - ^z - 2022-09-19