Fractured Femur

fractured femur overviewStrange new twinges began in the left knee at mile 10 of the Stone Mill 50 Miler on 9 November 2019. Pokey, ever the optimist, walks on another 5 miles to the next major aid station in hopes that things improve. With no change in symptoms, however, he decides to stagger back half a dozen more miles to the starting line via sidewalks — but a sudden sharp snap suggests the foolishness of that notion.

So after resting a week, he tries the Richmond Marathon on 16 Nov. The first bits aren't bad, but then the left knee begins to complain loudly. At mile 9 he sends buddies Square Peg and Danger Man on ahead to finish. His stiff-legged walk along the course to mile 16 is painfully slow.
"Old guy reports knee aches — likely arthritis!" Medical consultation and initial x-rays on the day of Stone Mill show nothing of significance except calcification. So Pokey keeps walking on the leg, occasionally using trekking poles in a vain bid for sympathy from colleagues at the office. Finally after further visits to the doctor an MRI taken at 0130 on 15 January reveals:

"... Large osteochondral fracture of the weightbearing portion of the medial femoral condyle ... Medial meniscal tearing including a radial tear of the posterior root ... Grade 2 MCL injury ... Sprains of the ACL and PCL ... Low-grade injury or sprain of the MPFL/medial patellar retinaculum ... Degeneration or sprains of the proximal attachment of the fibular collateral ligament and the distal attachment of the IT band ... Periarticular muscle strains ... Background of minimal degenerative changes ... Moderate to large joint effusion with synovitis and intra-articular debris ... Soft tissue edema about the knee. ..."

Let the Pity Party begin! Now on crutches for 6 weeks or more, Pokey aspires to heal. X-Rays on 7 February show bones beginning to knit. (Or maybe they're purling?!)
fractured femur overview

(cf Torn Toe Tendon Repair (2005-05-05), Humerus Fracture (2008-10-15), Bend Sinister (2008-10-24), ...) - ^z - 2020-02-12