Trail running friend Caren Jew taught me another new useful acronym the other day: GSD. Formerly to me those letters meant "Ground Sample Distance", the spacing between pixels on a remote-sensing image, a measure of resolution. That didn't make much sense when Caren wrote that GSD was her Mantra for the Day. Nor did another primary definition, "German Shepherd Dog", seem likely.

But then I discovered that in context GSD can also stand for the noble and important goal of "Getting Stuff Done". Yesterday for the little group at the office I created a new quick-start FAQ web page of instructions on how to order books, how to sign up for computer services, etc. I titled it that.

Knowing Comrade Caren, however, I suspect that in GSD the "S" sometimes stands for another word!

(cf. Catoctin 50k 2008, where Caren teaches me the meaning of "DFL" ...) - ^z - 2010-04-14