Gross Anatomy

Continuing the ^zhurnaly tradition of clinical medical imagery begun in 2005, here are some up-close and personal gut-shots of my entrails. They're the only souvenirs I brought back from a colonoscopy two months ago. The drugs were so good that I remember nothing of the exam itself.

I also have no idea what these photos show — but they somehow remind me of the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage with its improbably shunken submarine cruising around the improbably connected innards of an improbably comatose human victim. Mad Magazine ran a highly memorable parody (April 1967, issue #110 — ah, I was younger then!) that focused, not improbably, on scientist Raquel Welch's improbably fascinating body being attacked by improbably targeted antibodies. Isaac Asimov did his best to reduce the improbabilities in his novelization of the screenplay, but without much success.

In preparation for this slightly-invasive procedure I lost 6 lbs. Alas, it all came back within 6 hours.
^z 2008 colonoscopy pictures

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