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Markup Syntax

Markup in the ZhurnalyWiki follows the Creole standard, plus a few simple extensions for sub- and super-scripts, blockquotes, etc.

markup result markup result
**bold text**bold text//italic text//italic text
##Monospaced text##Monospaced text%%Small Caps Text%%Small Caps Text
empty line makes

new paragraph
empty line makes

new paragraph
double backslashes\\force breakdouble backslashes
force break
,,subscript,, and ^^superscript^^subscript and superscript wiki link [[Markup Syntax]]wiki link Markup Syntax
[[Markup Syntax|link label text]]link label texthttp://zhurnaly.com
[ URL label text]URL label text[][1]
{{{ //escaped// [[NotLink]] }}} //escaped// [[NotLink]]
(no markup interpretation)
(tilde = "escape character")


To make a bullet list:

  • Begin a list line
  • With an asterisk (*)
    • Put multiple asterisks (** etc.)
    • In front of sub-list items

To make a numbered list:

  1. Begin a list line
  2. With a number-sign (#)
    1. Put multiple number-signs (## etc.)
    2. In front of sub-list items

Rules, Headers, Tables

  • To make a horizontal rule, type four dashes (----) on a line alone, like:

  • To make a big header, type two equal signs at the beginning of a line in front of the header text, like ==Big Header .

Smaller Headers

To make smaller headers, type three to six equal signs at the beginning of a line in front of the header text, like ===Smaller Header, ====Still Smaller Header, etc.


To make a table:

Put pipe symbols Like " | "
Between table elements On each row
And at the beginning
and the end
Of every row

To make header lines on tables, use "|=" in front of each header element:

Like This Header Line
Above A Regular Table


To make a blockquote:

put three double-quotes (""") on lines by themselves above and below the section

to be blockquoted

Redirection and Transclusion

  • To forward hits to a different ZhurnalyWiki page, put #REDIRECT [[New Page Name]] on the first line of the old page
  • To include (aka "transclude") the contents of another page, use <include "Page Name">

Definition Lists

To make a Definition List
begin a line with ; followed by the word(s) to be defined, and on the next line put : followed by the definition(s)

Local Links and Anchors

To create a local anchor named "Label" write [:Label]. This anchor can then be the target of a link to the page via the page's URL followed by "#Label", e.g., etc.

To create a wiki link to an anchor on the same page, e.g. "Top", write [[#Top]] = Top. Change the link text using a "|", e.g. [[#Top|go to the top]] = go to the top. To link to a local anchor on another page proceed similarly, e.g. [[JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken]] = JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken, and likewise change the link label with "|" as in [[JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken|Ken's Report]] = Ken's Report.


  • To insert an image, write its URL, as in =
  • To handle image labels and links, as per the Oddmuse Image Extension use pipes to separate image URL, label, and link URL, as in [[image:|Birdy Sunset|]] which results in the small thumbnail-image with label "Birdy Sunset" as a clickable link to the corresponding big image:

Birdy Sunset

  • Administrators can upload images or other materials to ZhurnalWiki pages via a "Replace this page with file" link during page editing; image files can then be displayed via something like [[image:Image_Page_Name_Here]]

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Put a word into the "Search:" field and hit <return> or the "Go!" button to search for pages that contain that word (ignoring upper/lower case distinctions, possibly embedded in a longer word). Put a phrase in quotes to search for that phrase. Put two or more words in to search for pages that include all those words, in any order.

Wild Cards and Regular Expression Search

Search is case-insensitive, but to make it case-sensitive prefix a search with "(?-i)". Page Name search treats underscores as spaces. You can put (some) wild cards into the Search field and use them to make more powerful searches (within a paragraph). As per [2] and [3]:

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