What's the real value-added of intellectual activity? It's not mere problem-solving, especially not in areas where the data are clear and the rules are well-defined. That sort of thing is undeniably important, but it's idea-engineering: straightforward (if sometimes tricky) application of mental horsepower.

No, the big challenge is coming up with productive clues --- ambiguous suggestions from the edge of the obscure, promising probes into the darkness. Yeah, it's tough, working on the ragged boundary between the obvious and the inscrutable. But that's where discoveries are made.

(see GoodMistakes)

TopicThinking - TopicScience - 2001-12-12

This is lovely. Has a rhythm: "...edge of the obscure..between the obvious and the inscrutable". The more one lingers on the edge of the inscrutable the less well one interfaces with the average. A good thing. A bad thing. Or, maybe just a thing. -- Judy Decker

yep, edges are where interactions happen --- so things like fractals which are all edge sometimes are kinda interesting! (^_^) ... in any event, glad you liked some of the turns of phrase I was experimenting with ... but maybe I should have saved them for a poem? I dunno ... tnx, Judy!
- ^z -

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