Hogan Development Survey

Last month I took an online personality assessment, a few hundred true-false questions. According to the write-up I received from the psychologist, the Hogan Personality Inventory "... measures the 'bright side' of personality—those behaviors others see on a day-to-day basis." The Hogan Development Survey, on the other hand, highlights "dark side" traits that appear under high-stress conditions, when placed in a leadership position, etc. My HDS results, sorted from "high" to low":

Like the HPI, the HDS results seem reasonable but not terribly surprising. It reminds me of the Strengthsfinder survey I took a few years ago—or of the Chinese astrological characteristics of a Dragon: dignified, magnanimous, good-hearted, active, fun, happy, protective, versatile, eloquent, ...

^z - 2010-04-18