How to Back Up the ZhurnalyWiki

This note is mostly for myself (but then, so is everything else here!) to help me remember. There are several ways to make a backup, but one of the simplest and fastest at the moment:

  1. Open a terminal window (alt-F2 on the HP Mini netbook running Linux)
  2. lftp -u userid,password to connect to as userid using password "password"
  3. create a local directory "page" (or whatever) to hold the backup of the wiki pages, if one doesn't already exist
  4. lcd to the local directory for backup
  5. cd httpdocs/oddmuse/page/ to the Oddmuse page directory on the server
  6. mirror to back up all pages

One can also use lftp to update a prior backup and save considerable time if not much has changed. To do that, navigate with lcd to the local archive directory, navigate with cd to the Oddmuse page directory, and use mirror -ev to download new files and delete files which no longer exist on the server (v = verbosely). Backing up other files can be done similarly ...

^z - 2009-06-13