I Q's

Is an I the same as a mind? Or mind + body? Or mind + body + surroundings? Where to draw a line?

Is a mind the same as a brain? Or brain + patterns of nerve impulses in the brain? Or brain + nerve impulses + other context? What happens when unconscious, dreaming, ...?

If an I observes its "own" mind's thoughts, is that observer-watcher the same I? Or a higher-level I?

Is an I necessary for "free will"? "Emotions"?

What are other questions to ask about an I?

(cf. MeanMeaners (1999-07-03), TheMysterians (1999-08-02), BitsOfConsciousness (2000-01-21), AlteredStates (2000-02-03), ColdHardMind (2000-02-09), ThoughtfulMetaphors (2000-11-08), UpheavalsOfThoughtRevisited (2002-12-13), DreamData (2003-03-22), StrangeLoops (2007-10-06), Contemporary Introduction to Free Will (2008-06-15), Buddhism Without Beliefs (2008-09-19), Unselfing (2009-01-14), Einstein on Self (2010-01-31), Valorization of Mind over matter (2010-05-06), The Watcher (2010-11-15), ...) - ^z - 2012-04-28