Intermittent Carnivorism

Some dear friends are sure that Hell has frozen over: a few days ago, visiting my Father on what's left of the family farm in central Texas, I knowingly and deliberately ate meat, for the first time in ~15 years. Before and after pictures of the plate:

A dear friend asks, "Why?" My response is that there were no major deep philosophical or logical reasons, but just a variety of self-experimental or silly or social excuses:

But the main reason: isn't it a bit compulsive and neurotic-fanatical to maintain a "streak" for so long? I've felt that way with some ultrarunner buddies who think they absolutely must jog at least a mile every day for months on end or longer. Likewise with comrades who have run a particular race every year since time immemorial, and who insist on doing it in spite of injury, lack of training, horrid weather, etc.

And yeah, I'm OCD — but I can also obsess about not being excessively obsessive, eh?!

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