Intermittent Fasting

Since at least 2013 various kind ultra-comrades have recommended "intermittent fasting", an approach to health for which the Jury of Science (statistically-significant and well-controlled peer-reviewed studies) remains out. IF proponents suggest that by varying one's caloric intake more widely — e.g., eating very little for 12-18 hours/day, or alternatively a couple of days/week — one might see improvement in various objective biological parameters such as insulin or human growth hormone levels. Hmmm!

"No new super-powers!" is the anecdotal observation after intermittent ^z personal experiments in IF over a few months in 2018: no weight loss, no improvement in running, no deep insights as to the nature of reality, etc.

Yet definitely there's a subjective increase in mindfulness and awareness of eating, a drop in thoughtless munching. Perhaps that's more than enough return on investment?

(cf 2013-03-10 - DST E-W Meandering, Notice and Return (2013-03-11), 2018-03-17 - Intermittent Fasting, ...) - ^z - 2018-07-25