Jon's wedding was yesterday at 5:30 in the evening. Thinking about him
getting married, and the woman that he chose was on my mind on the drive
down. He is so introverted when it comes to any display of affection and
intimacy, and so absolutely brilliant. What kind of a woman would be his

Jen is blonde and pretty, the older sibling of one brother and two
younger sisters, both model thin and gorgeous. Jen dressed them in a slash
of stylish, formfitting orange that grabbed the eyes of the family and
guests away from her simple and lovely dress of white.

The ceremony was
performed by a Unitarian minister (I dragged Jon with me to the Unitarian
church when he was a kid.). During the service Jon stood, dignified and
serious and never took his eyes off of her, but she couldn't stay still. She
kept bursting into a happy smile and peeking at her family in the first row,
she flipped her hair out of her eyes and pushed a stray blonde strand back
into place, so excited was she and I think, ill at ease at being the center
of attention.

From the time they turned around to face us as the new Mr.
and Mrs. Cooper, they never stopped smiling. It was a wonderful happy time
for everybody. I am so thankful to see another one of the special ones that
I love so much so happy with a family of his own.

- Judy Decker

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