I like to stand on the cliff
edge at the bottom of my hill and look out over the lake. Endless vista.
No corruption. The exact same view that has been viewed since eyes could
see. I like this view in summer when I listen to the waves stirred by the
breeze and tittering against the shore and I like the view in winter when
the entire lake is frozen silence; humanity is the winter wind raging and
violently destructive but not able to incite the slightest ripple nor

I'd like to know that the energy that makes up the substance of my being,
and the molecular energy of nuclear waste and landfill debris and plastic
milk cartons floating in the lagoon is nothing more than a manifestation of
our minunderstanding. I don't know how to say this. That the corruption
and ugliness is only a mirage, a distortion. The energy is still the same
as it was on the day of creation. Nothing has really changed but the
perspective. I could be wrong.

- Judy Decker

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