Keene Murals

A June 2019 Mural Festival resulted in amazing wall art around downtown Keene New Hampshire. Some samples:

Barry Faulkner mural in Keene NH"Barry Faulkner, Keene's most acclaimed visual artist, created murals across the country, including several in Keene. His two most famous works, displayed in the National Archives in Washington DC, represent the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. During WWI, Faulkner trained artists as camouflage specialists, ..." - Keene Walldogs
"Named 'the place between' by the Penacook, the Ashuelot river boasts the site of the oldest known evidence of humans in New Hampshire. Spanning 64 miles, the river provided energy for a thriving mill industry. The Ashuelot offers recreational activities year round and habitat for an abundance of wildlife. ..." - Keene WalldogsAshuelot River mural in Keene NH
Catherine Fiske mural in Keene NH"Catherine Fiske inspired young women to question, to find answers, and to strive towards excellence. She interwove lessons in chemistry, taxonomy and linguistics into everyday work. Her legacy was her students, who went on to inspire others; and in the roots of high-quality education, firmly established in the heart of Keene. ..." - Keene Walldogs
"Jennie B. Powers, was 'a maker of humane history.' A humane agent, she fearlessly investigated, arrested, and prosecuted thousands of cases of abuse of children, women, and animals. The work was dangerous and physical. Despite death threats, Jennie put herself in harm's way, intervening in brutal conditions on behalf of the vulnerable. ..." - Keene WalldogsJennie Powers mural in Keene NH

... and, for something completely similar yet completely different:

Jumanji film mural in Keene NHA painted wall advertisement from a fake business seen in the 1995 Robin Williams' film Jumanji, whose exteriors were filmed mostly in Keene. - Roadside America

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