Liberal Education

In his essay 'Only Connect': The Goals of a Liberal Education William Cronon lists ten characteristics he sees in liberally educated persons:

One can, of course, be "liberally educated" without attending an expensive ivy league university — and equally obviously, many who graduate from such establishments are far from "liberally educated".

And, on a less-serious note, the above list inevitably reminds me of the liberally-educated protagonist of yet another underappreciated movie: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Dr. Banzai is a race-car driver, a brain surgeon, a rock musician, and a theoretical physicist who also saves the world. My kind of hero!

(Cronon's list appeared in The Key Reporter, Winter 1998-99, as abridged from his article in the American Scholar, Autumn 1998; cf. PursuitOfExcellence (22 Feb 2002), PartingAdvice (21 Jun 2002), LiberalArts (13 Mar 2003), ...)

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