Life Partner Criteria Revisited

Two years ago, brainstorming with a friend suggested some "Life Partner Criteria" that might form a useful semi-quantitative way to evaluate candidates for one's long-term affections — as well as a fun theme for discussion. Those dimensions, in roughly descending order of importance for the friend, included Intellect, Love of children, Sensitivity, Affection, Spirituality, Confidence, Altruism, Financial stability, Education, Interest in world events, "Chemistry", Humor, Physical activity, and Chivalry. Since then a few other characteristics have come to mind:

Or perhaps more systematic structure is needed, to bring order to these personal parameters? The "Storyteller System", designed to generate characters for role-playing games, is a two-dimensional grid that might be worth exploring. In its original form the array seems rather arbitrary and contrived:

POWER strength intelligence presence
FINESSE dexterity wits manipulation
RESISTANCE stamina resolve composure

... but applied to the search for a Life Partner maybe it could make more sense, e.g.:

POWER fitness intellect sexiness
FINESSE agility spirituality empathy
RESISTANCE health stability independence

... perhaps worth further thought, in a nerdy-analytic party-game way?!

^z - 2016-06-02