Make Your Own Luck

What's luck all about? Usually the word involves events of undetermined probability that turn out surprisingly well. How to "be lucky"? Key perhaps: keep lots of paths open — so the ones that are successful ("lucky") can be pursued, and the ones that aren't can be dropped. Diversification, in other words. Like the Feynman sum-over-paths approach to quantum mechanics, where a subatomic particle tries all possible routes from one point to another. When they're all added up properly (including phase and wavefunction interference) what comes out is the classical macroscopic path that a body takes. Lucky!

(cf. FringeOfThings (1999-06-25), UltraMan (2002-05-08), RayTracing (2004-09-08), My Own Weather (2009-04-17), ...) - ^z - 2011-11-24