Mindfulness Retreat - August 2016

Quotes to ponder, from a Mindfulness-Meditation Workshop on the theme of "Relationships", led by Patricia Long and held in Bethesda Maryland on 2016-08-21:

Change the rhythm!It has to start with me.No one can diminish you but yourself.
How do you love
with some degree
of separation?
You didn't fail.
The relationship failed.
I can choose.
I'm not stuck.
When things end,
it's not always catastrophic.
It's hard to make a change,
even when it's the right thing.
I spent 21 years
convincing myself
that what I wanted
wasn't what I wanted.
Marriage is great.
Marriage is tough.
Love vs Duty
Joy vs Obligation
Generosity vs Sacrifice
Choice vs Contract
Recognize my own value Allow myself to make mistakes Honor my intention

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