Mindfulness of the Body

In the final issue of Inquiring Mind, Trudy Goodman comments (in "The Dharma is Here to Stay: A Conversation between Jack Kornfeld & Trudy Goodman"):

... For me the body is the rudder that can steer us beyond words into silence. I find that mindfulness of the body is a great Dharma doorway for people who are extremely busy and have very little time to be still and do retreat. Our body and breath are always with us and, as we go through the ups and downs of our lives, we can become more and more conscious of the aliveness of the body or the state of our hearts as reflected in our bodily tension. ...

(cf. Breath as Vehicle (2009-06-17), Cat Bellies and Dog Noses (2010-10-12), Reinhabit Your Body (2010-10-27), Wait for the Breath (2013-07-09), Vastness, Equanimity, Selflessness (2015-06-14), ...) - ^z - 2015-06-14