Monetary Veil

A major source of confusion in modern life: focus on money, the medium of exchange, instead of actual stuff (goods and services) that people make and trade and consume. Productivity is important — how much stuff is being made per person. Distribution of wealth and income is important — how stuff is shared around. Employment is important — how many people are at work creating stuff. Society is in big trouble if people stop making stuff, or distribute it unfairly, or leave large numbers of folks out of the process. Money-related phenomena — inflation rates, international trade balances, governmental deficits, the stock market, etc. — aren't really significant, except if they mess up productivity, income distribution, or employment. It's hard, but vital, to see through the monetary veil and pay attention to real things.

(cf. BasementWorries (2002-06-15), ...) - ^z - 2012-02-21