Morning Cup of Yoga

Jane Goad Trechsel in A Morning Cup of Yoga (2002) writes about how yoga helped her "... generally settle down and become calmer, less judgmental, and less caught up in the little dramas of life." She emphasizes liberation and optimism:

... I learned that when the negative voice inside said, "I can't do this!" another, wiser voice could say instead, "This looks difficult. What part of it can I do?" This was a completely different attitude, which freed me to try anything. ...

... and focuses on possibility, awareness, joy in the present:

... Stand quietly, appreciating the gentle, natural flowing rhythm of your breath and what your body could do today. When at last you open your eyes, let them be soft and settled back into the skull, so that you look out at the world from a deep place within. Open your ears and allow hearing, noting the various sounds that arise and pass away. Experience the world directly.

You may occasionally experience brief moments of absolute stillness and peace, feeling yourself at home in your body and at home with your breath, in the safe harbor of your deepest self.

... beautiful wisdom!

(cf Yoga and Mudra (2010-08-08), Yoga for Busy People (2011-01-03), Let Go (2013-10-18), ...) - ^z - 2021-07-17