Mundane Manifesto

From a long-abandoned blog, via a Wikipedia article "Mundane science fiction", rational commentary about the irrationality of much (most?) SF. "Warp drives, wormholes and other forms of faster-than-light magic are wish fulfillment fantasies ...", says The Manifesto. The conclusion — "... that the most likely future is one in which we only have ourselves and this planet ..." — seems highly likely.

And within the constraints of the real laws of Nature, as currently understood, there's such great goodness to explore! — including, as the Manifesto recommends:

  • A new focus on human beings: their science, technology, culture, politics, religions, individual characters, needs, dreams, hopes and failings.
  • The awakening bedazzlement and wonder that awaits us as we contemplate the beauties of this Earth and its people and what will happen to them in time.
  • The relief of focusing on what science tells us is likely rather than what is almost impossible such as warp drives. The relief will come from a sense of being honest.
  • An awakening sense of the awesome power of human beings: to protect or even increase their local patrimony... or destroy it.
  • The number of themes and flavors open to Mundane fiction include robotics, virtual realities, enhanced genomes, nanotechnology, quantum mechanics...

... and so much more!

(for a copy of the Mundane Manifesto see Comments on Mundane Manifesto; cf Seriously Now (2001-03-21), Cross-time Travel (2004-04-09), Fictional Hurdles (2004-12-13), Science vs. Fantasy (2010-04-28), ...) - ^z - 2019-07-19