"My name's Larisa --- that's a Russian name.
I'm nine years old. My brother's not as tall
As I am. He's eleven now. I'm five
Foot one. My music teacher, Mr. Hill,
Was wrong about how this piece ends. See here?
The book shows that I'm right. I'll check it out
And take it to him. My parents are divorced.
We don't have Internet at home. I live
With Mom and visit Dad. Our Macintosh
Is old! Did you see in the newspaper
When we were protesting? The County wants
To close my school and make us move. I went
To Shakespeare Summer Camp the last two years.
We played some scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream.
I was Hippolyta, Theseus's wife.
Our class met in the basement of a church.
We did some Hamlet and some Cymbeline.
Titus Andronochus too --- a parody
I mean. (We used red streamers for the blood.)
Piano practice? I don't have the time!
They give me too much homework every day.
... OK ... I'll play for you. This Bach Two-Part
Invention is the piece I'm learning now.
It needs some work. And here's a Joplin Rag,
Called 'Peacherine' I think. I really should
Find time to practice it more too. And did
You know I'm learning clarinet? We built
Web pages at our school in Note Pad. Yeah,
I know HTML --- do you? Bye now!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at 05:34:02 (EDT) = 2001-04-18

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