Names of Games

Why do certain terms appeal so much? As per FascinatingWords, some strings have artful letter- or sound-patterns — "Liam", "Midlothian", "chthonic", "Rhiannon". And as Ptwo Pnew Pwords mused, "pnictide" and "psoas" are strangely eye-catching. And then there are the appellations with alluring associations, like "callipygean", "rubenesque", or "déhanchement". They inherit their attraction from what they allude to.

Other phrases work startlingly well as titles. For instance, two video game names that resonate: "Akuji the Heartless" and "Altered Beast". What is it in the conjunction of words that makes for poetic resonance?

(cf. PhysicsWords (2001-10-22), VoicedPostalveolarFricative (2003-09-27), BirdlessSilence (2004-06-05), RubensesquePassersBy (2004-07-24), ...) - ^z - 2011-10-31