No-Self, One-Self, All-Self

Interesting questions seem to revolve around the challenge of self and how (or if?) to frame it:

... perhaps undefined, unanswerable challenges of free will, agency, worthiness, existence, awareness, attachment, identity — perhaps illuminated by thinking about the absence-or-presence of other "selves" — and perhaps worth thinking (and not-thinking?) about!

(cf Unselfing (2009-01-14), Unselfing Again (2009-11-01), Nonattachment to I (2012-01-15), Misplaced Concreteness (2013-07-02), Anatman Living (2013-07-13), Bodhichitta, Maitri, Shunyata (2014-07-16), No-Self and the Space of Wonder (2014-10-20), No-Self (2014-12-25), Befriending the Self (2015-05-15), ...) - ^z - 2019-12-02