No Ads

"Don't be evil" is a fine philosophy (thanks, Google!). Maybe saying it in positive terms and an active voice—"Do good"—makes it a bit shorter and clearer. I'm not always able to implement that, and certainly not completely, but it's a constant goal.

So here: no ads, no hidden subsidies, no secret click-tracking, no search-engine gamesmanship. Pretty much just what you see, plus a little behind-the-scenes machinery to keep noise low and useful information content high.

I'll keep trying to simplify things ...

(cf. KnowingChoosingDoing (29 May 1999), My Religion (6 Nov 2000), For Themselves (8 Jun 2003), GamingTheSystem (17 May 2004), ThisSpaceNotForRent (19 Dec 2004), ...)

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