The most Zen message yet:


A bumper-stickerized version that I saw recently has a big black dot inkbrushed after the phrase — but to my mind that detracts from the message (as do the words themselves!). Coincidentally today, while browsing the New Yorker magazine collection of cartoons I stumbled upon one by Gahan Wilson. It depicts two Buddhist monks sitting in meditation. The elder says to the younger:

Nothing happens next. This is it.

(New Yorker cartoon by Gahan Wilson, 25 Aug 1980; cf. EngineeringEnlightenment (9 Oct 1999), LightMind (22 Aug 2002), ZenScrabble (7 Oct 2002), BeTheChange (31 Oct 2003), PhilosophicalBumpersticker (23 May 2004), DyslexicMetahumor (26 Aug 2004), ChandraStories (25 Feb 2004), MysticMantra (15 Jan 2005), ...)

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