Only Get Better

Encouraging words from an interview, half a dozen years ago, by musician-singer-songwriter Howard Jones with Dan MacIntosh of SongFacts:

Songfacts: One of the songs that many people can really relate to in these economic times is "Things Can Only Get Better." I'll bet that you can probably sing that with just as much gusto now as you did when you first wrote it.

Howard: That's right. We're talking about the second album, now, and I'd had great success with the first one. I thought, People are listening to me, so what can I give them that is really going to help? And everyone goes through shit. Everyone goes through bad times. Every single person on the planet goes through bad times. And it's great sometimes to have somebody say to you, "Come on, even if it gets so you lose everything and everything goes horribly wrong, you can still pick yourself up and go forward, and you can make it right, you can make things get better." I'm so glad that I can stick to those sentiments now. And they're just as relevant, really. I think pop music, one of the things it should be is like a cheerleading song that helps you get through a bad time and pick you up a bit when you're feeling a bit exhausted and glub. And that's what I really wanted to do.

... and is "glub" a typo for "glum", or a special (British?) usage? No matter! It's all good, and it's true. We can make things get better.

(cf. Wikipedia "Things Can Only Get Better", associated music video, and Mantra - Things Can Only Get Better (2016-09-11), ...) - ^z - 2017-04-14