There's an interestingly-strange set of pages at http://www.ms.lt/ titled "Minciu Sodas", which in Lithuanian apparently means "Orchard of Thoughts". They're largely the work of Andrius Kulikauskas, an articulate fellow who has pulled together quite a bit of information about thinking tools of various sorts (e.g., see http://www.ms.lt/ms/projects/toolkinds/index.html and http://www.ms.lt/ms/projects/toolkinds/organize.html for excellent annotated links to important sites; see also http://www.memes.net/ for further mysterious perhaps-wiki-like activity from another source).

But it's hard to evaluate Minciu Sodas. Is it a personal playground for a few bright souls? ... an erstwhile dot-com? ... an experiment in collaboration just short of critical mass? ... a disorganized shoebox of mystical ideas? ... or something completely different? I really don't know --- but it seems potentially important, or at least useful, or at least entertaining. (Speaking of which, what is this ZhurnalWiki?)

(see perhaps some old musings here, originally written in April 1999: ThinkingToolsGoals, ThinkingEnvironments, ThinkingToolsDefined, ThinkingToolsExamples)

TopicThinking - 2001-08-21

Mark, many thanks for your review and encouragement. It would be great to work together! Here are some comments: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Super_Minciu_Sodas_EN/message/48 Andrius Kulikauskas

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