Innocently browsing backlinks to the ^zhurnal, I fell into Paul Kelly Stand-Up News ( ) --- and couldn't get out! (At least, not for a long and pleasant interlude.) Paul describes his work as "A compendium of daily nothings and incomplete meanderings" --- but it's a lot more, a rich potpourri of hilarious jokes and insightful commentary. First-class reading, compact and well-organized, with a delightful voice.

And on a serious self-referential psychological/philosophical note, Kelly observes:

... rather than a means of communication, this blogging might increase isolation. Each blogger pouring out the daily spew, desperate to connect. Hear me, see me, touch me, feel me. A million Tommies with nothing to do.

Lonely crowd ...

(full disclosure: as mentioned above, Paul for unknown reasons has, at least for the moment, a link to ZenScrabble --- I'm flattered ... see also AbsurdJuxtaposition (21 Oct 1999), ...)

TopicHumor - TopicJournalizing - 2003-06-05

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