Everybody is the center of her or his own universe --- but some of those universes are so much smaller than they need to be. Tragedy comes from squeezing of private worlds. Many are truncated by disease, starvation, and accident; others are ended by violence, individually or en masse. But even universes that expand from childhood to maturity must eventually collapse into nothingness. In each cosmos of life, what are the sources of value and meaning? What equations govern personal spacetime? How can appropriate goals be identified, measured, and approached? Do different worlds share points of tangency and osculation, or are they completely isolated? Might there be a larger universe (or metaverse?) which somehow encompasses all of ours? If so, what could it be like, and what lies beyond it?

Friday, December 31, 1999 at 07:06:50 (EST) = 1999-12-31

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metaverse can be according the vedic cosmology a higher super being who contains in his body all universes as a body cells...

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