In Moon Over Water Jessica Macbeth uses a new-to-me word — plangent — in Chapter 47, as she talks about "learning to love ourselves" and the process of putting the pieces of one's fragmented self together:

... Imagine the change in energy if you were in a room with many people, all babbling away about their own concerns, and gradually everyone began to hum the same note, until they were all singing one bright, plangent tone. ...

And in Chapter 50, in talking about how "through meditation sometimes and through 'grace' at others, we come completely into focus", the word appears again as she describes that unity:

... In meditation we bring those notes closer and closer, until finally there is only one sweet, plangent bell ringing out out through time and space. ...

The word "plangent" resonates in my inner eye; the dictionary says it describes a loud, reverberating tone. Is that the sound of Om?

^z - 2012-02-16