Cathy Horyn, in a delightfully arch article about Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) and David Beckham (soccer demigod), tells of the pair's recent publicity promo visit to the Big Apple, part of a shameless campaign to increase media awareness and build themselves as a brand. For example:

"They have a sense of humor about their relationship," said Bill Prince, the deputy editor of the British edition of GQ, adding, "with no deep reserves of irony." In a recent television documentary in Britain about the couple, Mr. Beckham is heard to complain, "Everyone thinks I'm stupid." To which his wife consolingly replies, "Well, they're all ugly."

(see "Posh 'n' Becks Hear America Calling", New York Times, "Sunday Styles" section, 25 May 2003; see also CelebrityImmunization (26 Mar 2000), PyramidPeaking (26 Aug 2000), AntiQuaintances (18 Feb 2001), FanFare (26 Apr 2003), ...)

TopicHumor - 2003-05-27

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