What's your Power Animal? Somehow the question arose, and I couldn't answer. What to do? Follow the advice of some random web pages! (Where else to go for authoritative knowledge?)

So I meditated, focused, visualized, projected, and otherwise opened my mind ... and what should materialize but a great white Swan. (Did it come to me because I had recently re-read Yeats's poem "Leda and the Swan"? No matter!)

The Swan, according to several truly reliable sources, is associated with mystics and poets, dreamers and philosophers. It represents grace and innocence. The Swan lives in both physical and spiritual planes, and symbolizes the balance between body and mind. How sweet!

Of course, every Power Animal epitomizes similarly positive attributes. There aren't any mythic creatures that embody laziness, fear, uncertainty, cowardice, or doubt—the qualities that, in my most realistic moments, I must admit dominate my persona.

Those who have seen Fight Club are now wondering how my Swan will do in a grudge match versus that film's totem creature, the Penguin. Results to follow ...

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