Resilience Training

In "Fall Is the Season for Building Mindfulness and Resilience" Erik Vance (New York Times, 2022 Sep 21) discusses the value of inner strength and awareness. He skips Keats's poem "To Autumn" and cites images from Shelley and Shakespeare of fall as a time of death and depression, anxiety and uncertainty. Perhaps, for some!

And autumn is an opportunity to mindfully work on self. Vance quotes Jelena Kecmanovic:

A massive amount of research has been showing that intolerance for distress, for discomfort, for impermanence, for uncertainty, predicts bad outcomes in the long run. ... It's the opposite of "I have assurance of how it's going to be in the next half an hour or next day or next year." It's like, in this moment I'm alive. And that's enough.

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