Retirement News

"Like letting go of a trapeze, with your eyes closed at the peak of its swing, and hoping that another trapeze will be there to grab," is how I've described the feeling to friends. August 2, 2011 was my last day at The Office. After thirty years plus one day of Federal service I retired. I've been interviewing with various companies and organizations and hope to find another fun job soon. Meanwhile, the generous Civil Service pension plus savings will let the family survive for some years at the current "burn rate", after which we'll have to cut back a wee bit, not a bad thing to do. Plenty of unfinished projects remain to work on around the house. The mountain of unread books continues to grow faster than it erodes. And as per 2011-08-03 - RCT to and from Ken-Gar, park benches aren't that uncomfortable nowadays!

^z - 2011-08-18