Rock Creek Valley Trail

Turbid, turgid, flood-swollen turbulent
    Waters wrestle and shout through graygreen
Shadow-woods: aspen, willow, maple;
    Ancient oak pregnant with burl-trunk bulge,
Lightning-scarred; windtorn prickle-brush.
    Drip drizzle rain puddles. Musky mold
Scent rises from fogmist. Squirrels scuttle.
    Doe and fawns freeze, flinch, flee.

I am stream and tree, earth and sky, as I
    Splashstep, sideslip on slither-leaves,
Leap rock, kick root, stride over stone,
    Scan for blazes to signal trail turns,
Gasp nature-air, soar over ridgetop angle—
    Then angel-fly downslope again to land.

TopicPoetry - TopicRunning - TopicPersonalHistory - 2004-04-30

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