Dreadlocks drift forward and back every stride,
    Like kelp in the ocean as seen from a pier,
       Swaying with each passing tide ...

Blonde cap explodes at a toss of the head
    Into a pale nimbus that floats and then falls
       Over a glimpse of an ear ...

Ringlets cascade like a waterfall down
    Twin ridges of shoulder blades, pouring a flood
       Into the valley below ...

Ponytail pendulum tick-tocks a beat
    That follows the jogger intent on her pace:
       Metronome cadence for feet ...

'Lectrified 'Fro forms a spherical cloud,
    Dark halo defying conventional style ---
       Natural, nappy, and proud ...

Bald rocky pate gleams through whispy gray threads;
    Yosemite dome-like, it looms over brows,
       Monument-weathered by age ...

Strands of brown dangle and sway in the breeze,
    A curtain of beads or a jungle of vines,
       Blowing a kiss to a cheek.

Friday, February 09, 2001 at 07:09:40 (EST) = 2001-02-09


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