SparkyToTheRescue walking his dog Sparky at midnight last week my good friend Mike slipped and fell on the ice, shattering an ankle. Fortunately Sparky kept his wits: he trotted home, phoned 911 to summon aid, and then came back to keep Mike company. Awaiting the arrival of the medics, Sparky constructed a splint for the broken ankle out of popsicle sticks. He then rode with Mike in the back of the ambulance to the emergency room, conferred with the doctors, and interpreted the X-rays for them. following day an orthopedic surgeon confirmed Sparky's diagnosis. Soon Mike is scheduled to have the ankle operated on, to install pins and plates in it so it can heal properly. Sparky has volunteered to lead the surgical team.
Here Sparky rests after his traumatic experience. During the day he monitors Mike's condition. At night he plays poker with other dogs in the neighborhood, and has already raised enough money to pay Mike's hospital bills.

TopicHumor - TopicProfiles - 2007-02-21

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