State of Astonishment

The proper response to our beautiful Universe is to live in a state of constant total amazement. From Tom Junod's 1998 profile of Mister Rogers:

... that's what someone in the crowd said while watching Mister Rogers and Maya Lin crane their necks at Maya Lin's big fancy clock, but it didn't even matter whether Mister Rogers could read the clock or not, because every time he looked at it, with the television cameras on him, he leaned back from his waist and opened his mouth wide with astonishment, like someone trying to catch a peanut he had tossed into the air, until it became clear that Mister Rogers could show that he was astonished all day if he had to, or even forever, because Mister Rogers lives in a state of astonishment, and the astonishment he showed when he looked at the clock was the same astonishment he showed when people—absolute strangers—walked up to him and fed his hungry ear with their whispers, and he turned to me, with an open, abashed mouth, and said, "Oh, Tom, if you could only hear the stories I hear!" ... Stanford Presidential Lectures, on Maya Lin:

"... In 1995 Lin's piece Eclipsed Time was installed in the ceiling of Pennsylvania station in New York city. In this work the clock 'face' is a circular piece of frosted glass with a light source behind it. As the hours pass from noon to midnight, the light source is slowly eclipsed by a moving shield and the glass of the clock face gradually goes from being brilliantly lit to total darkness. ..."

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