Stoicism vs Buddhism

Some people love patterns, and some are obsessive about them! The latest version of the Open Mind OM Cards little tin box features a revised matrix:

Mindfulness Attention Meta Here Now Be
Nonattachment Acceptance Open Soft May If
Oneness Affirmation Love Kind Yes Do

... and in correspondence with Jonathan Sturm recently the notion arose: maybe classic Greco-Roman stoic philosophy in some strange space corresponds to the diagonal that runs from Mindfulness (self-awareness) to Do (virtuous action) — whereas the classic Asian buddhist vector perhaps flows more from Oneness (non-duality) toward Be (emergence) ...

... or is that too mathematical-mystical to be metaphorical-useful?

(cf Core Buddhism (2011-10-17), Mantra - Mindfulness, Nonattachment, Oneness (2017-01-25), Mindfulness in Three Words (2018-06-13), Meditation Map (2019-01-19), Awakening Matrix (2019-04-29), Emptiness Empathy Empowerment (2019-11-02), ...) - ^z - 2020-01-23